Edmonds Police Foundation
K-9 Ace, $4,000 — 2018

Police Equipment,  $15,555.70 —  2018
- Sixty Combat Medical Kits with Tourniquets
- Twenty Auto Inflating Life Vests for Police Vehicles
- Two Automated External Defibrillators

Sexual Assault Conference 
Sponsorship, $1,500 — 2018

School Resource Officer 
Conference Sponsorship, $1,195  — 2018

South Snohomish County Honor Guard 
Donation (Uniforms), $900 — 2018

PRISim- 2015-2017
PRISim is a firearms simulator for laser based firearms training. It improves judgmental evaluation training as well as marksmanship skills. Cost $51,601

Crime Scene Van Lighting Package - 2017
This directional lighting upgrade to the crime scene/mobile command van better equips the van for both day and night operations. Cost $2,590

FLIR – 2014
Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer – AKA night vision camera, FLIR is a night vision camera good for tracking in the dark; through rough terrain. You can see clearly no matter what kind of low visibility conditions exist. Cost $4,300.

Forensic Mannequin – 2014
The Forensic Adult Mannequin is for the purpose of reconstructing a crime scene. The mannequins are ideal realistic figures for research and investigations. They are made of a soft lightweight foam and can be flexed in nearly any position to assist in comparing the “story” to the replication of the crime on the mannequin. By placing the dummy in the same anatomical position that the victim was found, valuable evidence, bullet, or other weapon trajectories may be determined. They are also used in court rooms as a visual aid rather than showing graphic photographs. Cost $790.

Laser Trajectory Kit – 2014
Laser trajectory kit helps reconstruct a crime scene and works in tandem with the Forensic Adult Mannequin. Cost $425.

PRISM Shooting Simulator Upgrade – 2014
Cost $1,200.

Mission, Values, Vision Artwork for Police Department - 2014
Cost $400.

Edmonds Night Out - 2013

Purchase of K-9, Hobbs - 2013
Hobbs will be the Edmonds' 11th police dog, he's taking over for Dash who retired with Handler Edmonds Police Sgt. Josh McClure. Hobbs pictured below with handler Officer Jason Robinson. Cost $9200.

Edmonds Night Out - 2012

Ultralite ALS - 2012
The most advanced forensic light system in the world.

Scholarship Awards - 2012
The purpose of the Edmonds Police Foundation scholarship is to honor and give financial support to students who have chosen to pursue an education in criminal justice, law enforcement or related fields. 

Domestic Violence Program Funding - 2012
The Edmonds Police Foundation created and funded a specific program to assist domestic violence victims with food, utilities and transportation costs.

Chief David N. Stern Memorial Outlook - 2011
Edmonds Police Foundation Donates $12,100.00 Towards Chief David N. Stern Memorial Outlook.

Purchase of K-9, Kira - 2011
Kira will be the Edmonds' 10th police dog, she's taking over for Rocky who retired. Kira is pictured below with handler Corporal Shane Hawley.

Community Events - 2011
Participated in the Edmonds' July 4th Parade

Scholarship Awards - 2011
Edmonds Police Foundation awarded three scholarships in 2011. The purpose of the Edmonds Police Foundation scholarship is to honor and give financial support to students who have consciously chosen a substance free and violence free lifestyle. 

Purple Light Nights Funding - 2010
To raise awareness against domestic violence in our community.
Purple Light Nights® is the inspiration of the Covington Domestic Violence Task Force, King County, Washington . The goal is to have all residents shine a purple light on every front porch; hang a string of purple lights in every business window; and decorate each downtown street tree with purple lights, to send the message that “Domestic Violence Has NO Place In Our Community”.  

Scholarship Winners - 2010
Anne Wilkinson, Shoreline Community College
Austin Lester, San Diego Christian College
Julie Young, Grove City Community College

Edmonds Night Out - 2010

K-9 Rocky and Equipment
The Edmonds Police Department currently has two police service dogs. Rocky, a German Shepherd, is partnered with Corporal Shane Hawley. The two have been a team several years and have assisted in capturing numerous suspects.

K-9 Dash, K-9 Vehicle and Equipment
Dash, a German Shepherd, is partnered with Corporal Josh McClure.
Dash and Corporal McClure hit the streets as a new team in 2006.

Fuming Chamber
Enables a fingerprint examiner to retrieve an already existing print from a piece of evidence. This is accomplished via a chemical process in the chamber.

Scan System
The fingerprint scanning system captures the fingerprint images of individuals electronically transmitting them to the Washington State Patrol fingerprint database.

Total System
Enables investigators to recreate a crime scene to scale. This accurate depiction of the scene is a helpful perspective for jurors and others involved in the case.

Dive Team Equipment
Purchase of oxygen unit.

Provided funds to furnish and equip South Snohomish County's SWAT Bus.

Sponsored crime prevention seminar "Don't Be A Fraud Victim".

Co-sponsored annual Edmonds Challenge, a run/walk fundraiser for Youth Services.

Sponsored Milton Creagh lecture on drug abuse and drug prevention.

Funded officer participation in national DARE training program and other services.

Edmonds Public Safety Drive Team
Spearheaded fund raising drive for Edmonds Public Safety Drive Team.

Community Events - 2009
Participated in July 4th Parade and Neighborhood Night Out.

Scholarship Winners - 2009
Justin Use, Edmonds Community Colleage
Erike Hayse, University of Puget Sound
Tanya Zickfoose, Nortwest Nazarine University