The Edmond Police Foundation has been instrumental in ongoing support of the Edmonds Police K9 Units.

Both Retired Police Dog Rocky, K9 Kira our newest dog Hobbs were purchased as puppies with funds from
the foundation.  

The EPF was also instrumental in securing donations for a vehicle and equipment when a
second K9 unit  (Dash) was added in 2006.  

Training and protective equipment has also been provided by donations from the EPF.  The continuity of
the canine unit would not be possible without the efforts of the Edmonds Police foundation.

K9 Dash retired in 2013.  Kira and Hobbs are currently working the streets and serving the citizens of
Edmonds and its surrounding communities.  The teams have ongoing training in obedience, protection,
apprehension, searching and evidence location.  

Canines are invaluable tools in helping officers locate suspects who flee from crimes and to protect their
handlers from harm.  They are also great public relations assets and do many public demonstrations.     
Left: Sergeant Josh McClure & Dash (retired)
Right: Corporal Shane Hawley & Kira
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Making Edmonds a safer and better place
Corporal Shane Hawley & Kira
Corporal Shane Hawley & Rocky (retired)
Sergeant Josh McClure & Dash (retired)
Dash (retired) in the car purchased with funds from the EPF
Sergeant Josh McClure & Dash (retired)
Dash (retired)
Officer Jason Robinson with Hobbs
Corporal Shane Hawley & Rocky (retired)