Edmonds Police Foundation
Citizen Involvement is the Key to Community Safety

The Edmonds Police Foundation was created in 1996 as a community-based organization to assist the Edmonds Police Department through education, fund raising, and citizen involvement. Our goal is to support those who protect us and make Edmonds a better and safer place to live with programs designed to enhance public safety using community partnerships and citizen outreach.

Public Safety

Modern public safety demands require that police departments be better trained, better equipped, and more in touch with the specific needs of their communities than ever before. While these requirements have increased with concerns such as terrorism and school violence, tax dollars only provide the basic necessities. The Foundation is dedicated to providing our police force with the most modern equipment, technology and training.

Citizen Outreach

The Foundation seeks to create a culture of opportunities for community members to enhance their awareness of public safety and crime prevention issues. This is done with outreach programs, public events and community partnerships.

Community Partnerships

Partnership between the Police and the community means meeting the police before something bad happens. Our goals include fostering positive collaboration among the police, the community, and our children.
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